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The Wet Blankets at the CDC Are Reminding You Not to Eat Raw Cookie Dough This Christmas

Christmas is ruined.

The eternal buzzkills down at the Center for Disease Control have issued a reminder that, no matter how delicious it may be and how full of chocolate chunks and butter and dried fruit it might be, you shouldn’t be eating raw cookie dough, which everyone knows is the best part of baking cookies.

It’s not just raw eggs, either.

Though you should be wary of those because of salmonella, the CDC also cautions you to be wary of raw flour, which can contain E. coli. “Do not let children play with or eat raw dough, including dough for crafts,” the organization cautions. What kind of holiday crafts involve cookie dough? Why weren’t we doing those all the time as kids?

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If we’re being honest though, the symptoms of food poisoning are pretty awful (the CDC lists vomiting and stomach cramps, among other things), so maybe we should, ugh, wait ’til the cookies are baked or whatever.

Fine, Mom. Gosh.

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