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Is There Evidence that ‘Breaking Bad’ Was a ‘Walking Dead’ Prequel?

Could Heisenberg’s deadly blue drug be responsible for the zombie outbreak that spread from New Mexico to Georgia? Some fans of the two AMC dramas are attempting to piece together clues/easter eggs to prove that Breaking Bad is actually a prequel to The Walking Dead. As noted by Hitfix (warning, the post contains some strong language), in Breaking Bad, Walt White torches a Red Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes before he was supposed to return it to a car dealership manager named “Glenn.” In season one of The Walking Dead, a character named Glenn drives a Dodge Challenger with black racing stripes. Hitfix suggests that “Glenn was the one who had to deal with Walt’s temper tantrum and subsequent arson of the car. Looks like Glenn was able to fix it up and get out of New Mexico.”

In season two of The Walking Dead, blue meth—like the kind Walt and Jesse made—can clearly be seen in a baggy containing Merle’s illicit substances. This season on The Walking Dead, Daryl describes Merle’s drug dealer, who sounds an awful lot like Jesse Pinkman. The theory suggests that Jesse and Glenn fled New Mexico at the start of the zombie apocalypse, and ended up in Georgia where Jesse sold his drug (which may have caused the outbreak) to Merle. Yes, it’s really far-fetched, and seems unlikely. But, the creators of the series, at the very least, like doing call backs to Breaking Bad. Maybe they are trying to tell us something …

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