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There Is Nothing Wrong With This Man’s Plan to Clone Pet Dinosaurs

An Australian gazillionaire, Clive Palmer, is talking to the scientists who cloned Dolly the Sheep about cloning some dinosaurs for his backyard. We might as well get the meat of this story out of the way in the first sentence. Essentially, Clive Palmer is what most of us would be like if we were billionaires five times over (he’s working on a recreation of the Titanic too) and has decided to use his money neither for good or for evil, but for fun. And his idea of fun is, apparently, making his own personal Jurassic Park in his backyard. What a great idea. No matter how hard you think about it, you can’t think of anything that could go wrong with that plan. That’s why people love the movie Jurassic Park, because how scientists hatched a plan to make dinosaurs and everything went perfectly. Can’t wait to see how Clive Palmer brings these famously docile, easy-to-handle reptiles to life. Hope he starts with Velociraptors …

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