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There’s a Forrest Gump Video Game and It’s Terrible

Like video games? Like Forrest Gump? Well, then you’re in the target market for this game app called “Run Forrest Run” (yuck) in which you play Forrest Gump and you—wait for it—run. It’s like “Temple Run,” but with Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump, as you remember, is the story of an intellectually challenged man whose kindness changes the those around him even as the world changes faster than anyone can keep up. It’s a sweet story, masterfully handled, and here it’s reduced to a man dodging oncoming traffic. The premise is almost offensive by itself, but the game itself is rotten through and through. As Tuaw says,

… the game mechanics are about as basic as you could possibly imagine. You can jump and duck, and your movement is restricted to just a few running lanes. There’s no opportunity to experiment with your approach to each obstacle since there’s typically one solution and one solution only.

So, there you have it, Forrest Gump fans. The video game your favorite movie deserves will have to wait. You’ve got this for now …

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