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These ‘Bubbletents’ Are Like Luxury Hotel Rooms With Views of the Australian Landscape

When it comes to camping, there are generally two kinds of people: Bear Grylls outdoor enthusiasts who like to rough it in self-fashioned animal hide sleeping bags, and those more like Tom Haverford, who like their camping experiences to be equipped with all of the luxuries of a Sharper Image showroom.

If you are like Tom, then this new Australian “Bubbletent” company may offer the vacation option you’ve been waiting for.

Located on a scenic farm a few hundred miles from Sydney, the camp site is comprised of luxurious—and transparent—tents that offer the comforts of a hotel room with incredible views of the Australian skyline. They even come with iPads preloaded with stargazing apps and custom Spotify playlists.

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And if you can make it to Australia, it’s not very expensive to book a few nights. The “tents” start at about $250 a night.

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