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These Parents Cheered Their Autistic Son Up By Building Him a Mini-Blockbuster Video Store

Being a good parent is hard. You wake up every day and look these tiny humans in the eye—tiny humans who believe you understand the world better than them, and are counting on you to help them navigate it.

Of course, unknown to them, you find the world every bit as confusing and frightening as they do, but you can’t very well tell them that.

So you do the best you can, counting on God for the rest, and try to provide your children with what tiny balms you can to ease their passage through this wild roller coaster of existence. And if you’re Javiar Zuniga’s parents, you might just build a miniature Blockbuster video too.

Javiar’s brother has autism, and he was fond of walking down to the local Blockbuster to browse the titles (yes, there are still some Blockbusters left, hidden throughout the world like horcuxes).

But the Zunigas’ Blockbuster went the way of all things and shut down, and Javiar’s brother was pretty bummed out. So his parents did what any parents would do.

Imagine your own Blockbuster, stocked with only Blockbuster titles you like (in this case: Larry Boy videos). Twitter was loving it.



So, yes, being a parent is hard. But it’s just a very little bit easier if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and stage a miniature reboot of a beloved corporation in your own home.


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