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This Family Reunion In Dinosaur Costumes Is the Purest Story in the World

Owen and his little brother Ethan were pretty excited when they heard their Grandma Cheryl was flying up to Ontario to visit them — so much so they wanted to commemorate the occasion by dressing up as tyrannosaurus rexes to greet her when she landed.

The boys figured it’d be a brief little scare for their grandma to welcome her to a few crazy days with the rest of the family.

But as happens in the world of dinosaurs, nature has its own plans. Grandma Cheryl got word of the idea and decided to turn the tables. You can see the rest in the video below.

Yes, Grandma Cheryl got ahold of her own dinosaur costume and turned the reunion into a full-blown Jurassic Park cutscene.

The boys’ mother Tabitha told Vancouver Island that her mother was renowned for such hijinks. “She’s nuts!” Tabitha explained. “In turn that makes me nuts. And I let the kids be nuts as well.”

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