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Tim Tebow Delivers Impromptu Inspirational Speech to Cinderella Team

If you’re an underdog college basketball team that just improbably beat the No. 1 team in the country on national TV, how could your day possibly get more memorable? Well, if your team bus happened to be waiting at the same airport that Tim Tebow’s plane was refueling at, you just might get an unforgettable impromptu inspirational speech. The NFL quarterback, former Heisman trophy winner and college football champion, boarded the bus of March Madness Cinderella team Wichita State (who defeated top-ranked Gonzaga), grabbed a conveniently-available microphone and reminded the team that “this is the time you’ll remember. All of you out there, balling together, training together, putting in the heart and the sweat and everything, caring about each other. You’ll never forget.”

So who knows, next time you’ve achieved a major milestone or overcome an insurmountable obstacle, maybe Tim Tebow will unexpectedly appear and remind you of just how inspirational moments like this are. You can see more of his speech here

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