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9 Years Ago This Week, Kevin Dropped His Famous Chili, and We All Laughed

It was nine years ago this week that Kevin Malone stayed up all night pressing onions and dicing whole tomatoes, in preparation for sharing with his coworkers the thing in life he is most proud of: Recreating a chili from a recipe passed down in his family for generations. 

However, when he shows up at Dunder Mifflin, a mini-Greek tragedy unfolds. Kevin finds that the elevator is out of order, and he must carry the pot up the stairs. By the time he makes it into the office, his hands—sweaty from the oven-mitts—fail him. We all watch as our tragic hero’s journey comes to a devastating end.

Nine years ago, we all laughed as Kevin spilled his most prized accomplishment and wallowed around in the mess he had made in a futile effort to save just a small amount. It was the height of human humiliation, disappointment but, also, comedy.

In honor of Kevin, rewatch the clip today, and maybe, treat yourself to some chili at lunchtime. 

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