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Aubrey Plaza Will Star in the Second Season of ‘The White Lotus’

The White Lotus was a surprise hit for HBO, a twisty drama set at a rich people getaway that follows several people’s ill-fated attempts to get away from it all. The first season sent our excellent cast (Connie Britton, Steve Zahn, Alexandria Daddario and more) back to the mainland, so season two will see an entirely different cast, and now we know a little about who that cast will be.

Leading the way is Aubrey Plaza, who has maybe taken the most interesting career path of the Parks and Rec crew. She’s not an Avenger like Chris Pratt or a cultural icon like Nick Offerman, but her presence is often the sign of a low-flying project worth your while. Her unique rhythms seem well-suited to White Lotus creator Mike White’s beats. She’ll be playing a woman named Harper Spiller, who is on vacation with her husband. The Sopranos‘ Michael Imperioli is also joining, and season one star Jennifer Coolidge is rumored to be returning.

Evidently this season will be set at a different resort than the first one, which was in Hawaii. We don’t know much more than that yet, but Plaza’s presence is intriguing.

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