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Elizabeth Moss Is On the Trail of a Time Traveling Serial Killer in the First Trailer for ‘Shining Girls’

A serial killer is traveling through time to find new victims, but one woman escapes his clutches and vows to track him down before he strikes again. That’s already bad news for the serial killer, but it’s even worse if the woman in question is Elizabeth Moss, who is rarely better than when she gets a chance to play steely, determined types.

She discovers that the killer is actually from the Great Depression era of the U.S., and has found some way to travel through time that involves killing certain “shining” women — one of whom happens to be her. That’s the premise for Shining Girls, Apple TV+’s upcoming adaptation of Lauren Beukes’ novel.

Moss is heavily involved, executive producing alongside some guy named Leonardo DiCaprio and even directing a couple episodes. The rest will be directed by the great Michelle MacLaren, who helmed a lot of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, The Leftovers and Game of Thrones. So there’s a lot of talent here, and a terrific hook. Let’s see how the show delivers.

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