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Jesse Plemons and Elizabeth Olsen Will Star in a Series About a Church Couple and an Axe Murder Mystery

David E. Kelly, the creator of shows like Big Little Lies and Boston Public, has a new series for HBO Max and he’s cast two of prestige TV’s most reliably great actors for it. Jesse Plemons and Elizabeth Olsen will play Allan Gore and Candy Montgomery for HBO Max’s Love and Death, which is about “two church going couples, enjoying small town family life in Texas, until somebody picks up an axe.”

If the names Allan Gore and Candy Montgomery are familiar to you, you’re probably aware of the true story this is based on and why it provides such rich material for a TV series. If you don’t know who Gore and Montgomery are, you probably weren’t following Texas true crime in the 1980s or haven’t read John Bloom’s Evidence Of Love: A True Story Of Passion And Death In The Suburbs.

You can Google the story if you want or, hey, just bide your time and watch what sure sounds like it’ll be a fascinating TV show about the lives suburban churchgoers build for themselves and the occasionally terrifying, tragic ways the house of cards can go falling down.

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