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John Mulaney and Seth Meyers’ Conversation on ‘Late Night’ Got Surprisingly (and Heartwarmingly) Real

Seth Meyers brought his former SNL colleague John Mulaney on to his Late Night set for a long conversation that was socially distanced but otherwise awfully honest. Mulaney took the reins, bringing a few questions he’d jotted down in a book and the two chopped it up over issues both personal (“Have I ever hurt your feelings?”) and profound (“Do you think about your own funeral?”).

Meyers has a knack for this sort of exchange, specializing in deep dives that don’t exactly play great in today’s click-based attention economy but are extremely rewarding for those who set aside the time. When Mulaney isn’t hitting home runs hosting at his old gig or delivering some of the sharpest standup on the market, he can be a surprisingly vulnerable figure without ever losing his wit.

The results are interesting and personal, and lead to some genuinely heartwarming moments between the two as they express admiration for each other’s talent and gratitude for the mutual support and friendship. It’s a good look at just how interesting these conversations can be when neither party has anything to promote.

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