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Many People Admit to Watching Netflix in the Bathroom

According to a new survey from Netflix, there are very few places that people won’t take their phones and Netflix consumption.

The survey was administered earlier this year and included thousands of people worldwide. Based on the survey, 12 percent of the Americans surveyed say they watched Netflix in a public bathroom and 37 percent say they watched at work.

This is one of few officials surveys released about the public’s Netflix viewing habits, but the results are interesting to consider for the changing social landscape. People are much more willing to bring their devices and their streaming everywhere they go—literally.

The most popular place Americans said they streamed TV and movies was on a plane (44 percent), followed by a bus (40 percent) and then work (37 percent).

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Of those who streamed during their commute, 12 percent said that they had gotten so immersed in the show or movie that they missed their stop.

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