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SNL’s ‘The Robe’ Is a Reminder That Moms Like Christmas Presents Too

On Saturday, Kristen Wiig returned to the show that made her a star for Saturday Night Live‘s 2020 Christmas episode. Wiig was probably technically there to promote Wonder Woman 1984, but the movie barely came up. Instead, the show was the usual mix of goofball antics — mercifully light on Trump content — and featured some of Wiig’s old recurring characters and an inspired opening monologue with fellow alum Maya Rudolph. But the evening highlight was one of SNL‘s digital shorts that highlighted the perils of being a mother during the holidays, when the rest of the family is swimming in gifts while mom amuses herself with her token present. Wiig doesn’t often get a chance to play straight-laced, but she nails a barely keeping it together energy behind the eyes here while the rest of the family explodes with joy. Chloe Fineman is especially great as a tween positively manic with Christmas morning frenzy. And underneath it all, the rare SNL message that actually kind of lands.

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