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Report: Amid Harassment Scandal, Bill O’Reilly’s Days at Fox News Could Be Numbered

Bill O’Reilly, host of cable news’ most watched show, has been in hot water as allegations of sexual harassment and verbal abuse pile up. Now, multiple sources report that Fox News is “preparing” to part ways with O’Reilly. This would be a huge development, given that O’Reilly remains one of the network’s most consistent draws.

The situation at present is a little bit of he-said-she-said, with a report from CNN suggesting the two sides are negotiating an exit strategy even while O’Reilly “sources” deny that.

Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox is set to hold a board meeting Thursday, which many think will center around the O’Reilly scandal.

Adding insult to injury—and an instance of unplannable irony—O’Reilly’s latest book, Old School, released earlier this month, a kind of manifesto on “old school” character—and, yes, chivalry. The book includes a chapter, titled “No Means No,” dedicated solely to how men should treat women with respect.

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