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The Next Season of ‘Stranger Things’ Has Dropped a New Teaser and an Actual Release Date

After nearly two years of waiting, fans will finally get to witness the next chapter of Stranger Things…in 2022. 

Netflix released another teaser trailer of the show as well as a few behind-the-scenes photos of our favorite kids (although, most of them aren’t actually kids anymore. Millie Bobby Brown is 17, Finn Wolfhard is 18, Caleb McLaughlin is 19 and Natalia Dyer is 26.)

The 30-second trailer starts off with a montage of our favorite 1980s kids growing up in Hawkins, Indiana, doing average kid stuff like fighting a demogorgon, destroying a mall, flipping vans with their minds — normal things. It’s a reminder of just how much this group has gone through before we see a glimpse of what’s to come.

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“It is almost here,” Mike says in the trailer. But what is it exactly? 

The trailer doesn’t tell us, but it does give us quick glimpses of Eleven being held back by men (what’s new?), a living Hopper with a shaved head and a flamethrower, a game of Dungeons and Dragons, a cheerleader routine and so much more. Even after analyzing the trailer frame by frame, there’s so many more questions than answers.

The trailer teases a 2022 release date but nothing specific beyond that. Guess we’ll have to wait another year before we find out what shenanigans the kids are up to.

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