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The Trailer for ‘Sweet Tooth’ Looks Like the Fantastical Adventure Series We’ve Been Waiting For

Imagine a world where babies start being born part animal, and humans aren’t sure if they’re the cause or result of an ongoing viral epidemic. One of these “hybrids” — a little boy named “Sweet Tooth” — becomes an unexpected key player in the extraordinary quest to figure out just what’s going on. That’s the basic premise of Sweet Tooth, Netflix’s upcoming series based on Jeff Lemire’s comic series of the same name. It looks pleasingly different than just about everything else out there right now, with its own weird energy and immediately intriguing cast of characters. Sweet Tooth and has a surprisingly odd mix of talent behind it, including being produced by Robert Downey Jr. and narrated by James Brolin (father to Josh, husband to Babs Streisand). Also, Will Forte is here and he’s always a welcome presence on our screen. The series kicks off on Netflix in June and frankly, we can’t wait.

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