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The Trailer for the Final Season of ‘Search Party’ Features a Religious Cult, Big Questions and Jeff Goldblum

Search Party is back, again, one more time. The show has always been a bit of a cult favorite and in its fifth and final season, it’s really leaning into that by taking Dory (Alia Shawkat) and her friends on yet another ill-advised adventure — this time in starting a new religious order.

Search Party‘s evolution has been interesting to chart. In its beginning season, Dory and her friends Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliott (John Early) and Drew (John Reynolds) were relatively normal young Millennials suffering from a lack of purpose which they channeled into a hunt for a missing acquaintance. But a lot has happened in four seasons and Dory and the gang are now dealing with looming threats on several fronts. But as usual, Dory is the master of creating her own biggest problems, and this time appears to be starting a cult as a way of dealing with the worst of her fallout. What could go wrong?

As usual, Search Party is marked by the caliber of its guest stars, which in this season will include Jeff Goldblum, Kathy Griffin and John Waters. The entire season will drop on HBO Max on January 7.

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