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These Two Hilarious Fake Fitness Experts Tricked Local Morning Shows into Booking Them as Guests

“Chop and Steele” are not actual “inspirational strongmen,” they aren’t going on tour, either. They have not booked a spot on America’s Got Talent.

They did, however, send out a press release to several local morning TV talk shows claiming all of those things. And three of the stations actually booked on-air demos.

The resulting strength and fitness demonstrations are both completely ineffective workouts, very dangerous and laugh-out-loud funny. Chop and Steele are the heroes we need.


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The duo (Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher) actually host the Found Footage Festival, and, as Deadspin notes, it’s not the first time their crew pranked local TV Stations. Below are also videos of pranksters pretending to be a famous chef who tricks reporters into consuming horrible creations and a “yo-yo master.”


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