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Trailer: David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Can Check Into ‘The Girl Before’, But Can They Ever Leave?

When you rent a new home, what is your relationship with the people who lived there before you? That’s the question being asked in the first trailer for The Girl Before, which stars two dynamite actors in what a twisty, dangerous game.

Oyelowo plays a mysterious architect who’s built a beautiful home in London that he’s renting out to tenants willing to abide by his unusual set of rules. Mbatha-Raw’s Jane is more than willing to play along until she starts digging into the life of the previous tenant — a woman who looks eerily like her and seems to have met an unfortunate fate. Just how intertwined are their lives? Is this architect trying to design more than just a house plan? And when is someone gonna do something about these rent prices?

The material here looks to be seriously elevated by our leads, who are some of the most gripping actors in the business. Mbatha-Raw just turned heads on Loki and The Morning Show, while Oyelowo is most famous for playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma. The series debuts on February 10.

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