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Uh, the Black Keys’ Guitarist Has a Lock of Bob Dylan’s Hair?

Dan Auerbach is a great guitarist, a gifted vocalist, a source of ire for Jack White and, evidently, quite the Bob Dylan fan. Which isn’t all that weird—what self-respecting musician isn’t a Dylan fan?—but Dan Auerbach, like, owns a lock of Bob Dylan’s hair? We don’t know much more than that. “Bob Dylan Hair” was listed among the items in Auerbach’s recent divorce settlement, so we can only assume that, well, at some point, Auerbach came into possession of a clip of Bob Dylan’s hair. How did this happen? Is it a lock of hair passed down from musician to musician like some totem of rock and roll magic? Did Auerbach snip it off of Bob Dylan’s head at some sort of party? Do all musicians have a clip of Bob Dylan’s hair? The answers are blowing in the wind. And they’re probably weird, so let’s just leave it that way …

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