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Uh, So, Tel Aviv Is Going to Have, Like, Space Ships for Public Transit?

Well, this looks perfectly crazy. NASA has designed a device they’re calling personal rapid transit (PRT) that utilizes existing power lines to power a small, two-person pod along a cushion of air that can whisk you wherever you want to go and then just float to the ground. Like some sort of science-fiction, space-age nonsense. This is some straight-up George Jetson-level business right here. It’s called skyTran, and Tel Aviv will be the first major city to get a taste of the future of public transit. It’s cheap (the power lines are already there). It’s fast (the pods run 60 miles per hour). It’s green (they float on a cushion of air). And, get this, you’ll be able to summon one to your front door (or wherever you are) from your smartphone. What a world. Basically Star Trek over here. Beam us up, Scottie. Or, never mind. We’ve got an even faster way to get around than beaming …

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