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Ukraine’s ‘StopFake’ TV Show Only Features Fake News to Help Fight Fake News

Ukraine has come up with a new way to fight fake news: the nightly StopFake broadcast show only broadcasts fake news.

The group, overseen by a college’s journalism school, behind the show is highly respected for exposing fake news for what it is. Viewers are able to turn to StopFake and they know every story will be fake news.

The show’s anchor, Margo Gontar, referred to the project as investigative journalism “with a twist.”

The show is not the broadcast version of The Onion—it sets itself up as a public service for the country that’s been fighting fake news since before it was an international buzz phrase.

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StopFake, as an organization, has chosen to fight against fake news this way instead of banning the news because it’s more entertaining and gets a more captivating audience.

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