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Video Proof That Carman Could Have Helped Us All Avoid This Maroon 5 Halftime Show Debacle

Last night, Maroon 5 headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. It was terrible and embarrassing.

This whole debacle could have been avoided entirely if only a true champion was involved—The Champion.

We could write several thousand words on why Carman should be the permanent Super Bowl halftime performer from this point forward, but it’s much more compelling to just post several of his music videos, and let you see the evidence for yourself.

The One Where He Literally Murders Satan:

The One Where He Literally Goes Medieval During Some Sort of Inquisition:

The One Where He Becomes a Christian James Bond:


See Also

The One Where He Cast Himself as God AND Satan AND Jesus in the Same Music Video:

The ball is in your court, Roger Goodell.


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