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Vince Vaughn Is Creating a Modern Version of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Thank Goodness

Whenever you see old episodes of The Brady Brunch on Nick at Nite or whatever, one thought inevitably pops into your mind: This is pretty good, but I just wish somebody would take this beloved concept and update it for modern audiences. Well, great news. Vince Vaughn—America’s Crown Prince of Comedy—has announced that he’s developing a new Brady Bunch for CBS and it does sound very modern. Apparently, it’ll be both a reboot and a sequel (a requel?) in that it’ll star the youngest of the original Bradies, Bobby, as a now grown-up, divorced dad who is getting remarried into a new family. Yes, it sounds very modern. Finger on the pulse, that Vince Vaughn. Can’t wait to see the new opening theme song with the whole family looking out of their little boxes, but instead of smiling at each other, they’re updating their Facebook status on their phones. And instead of the old theme song, it’ll be the new smash hit from Carley Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Brady” …

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