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Viral Iraq Blog Post Triggers Outpouring of Support

On Monday, May 18, Ann Voskamp posted a continuation of her Into Iraq series to her blog, A Holy Experience. In it, she described the specifics of the horror experienced by women and children fleeing from ISIS that she witnessed on a recent trip to the area. She issued a call to action to donate to Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization founded by Jeremy Courtney. PLC is on the ground in Iraq and was originally created to provide surgeries to needy children in the area. But as the terror of ISIS steadily increases, they have expanded their mission to humanitarian relief. Voskamp set a goal of $120,000 for her readers and the post went viral. In three days, almost half a million dollars has been raised, with contributions still pouring in. Today at 12 pm CT, 1 pm ET, Jennie Allen will host a livestream conversation with Voskamp and Courtney. Tune in here….

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