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Watch a Pastor Talk to People About Why They Don’t Believe in God

Buzzfeed has put together an interesting sit-down conversation between a pastor named Erica Campbell and three people who don’t believe in God. A guy who grew up Mormon, a lapsed Catholic and an agnostic woman who was raised in the Hindu tradition all have bracing, sincere conversations about their beliefs (or lack thereof) and why they just don’t buy into the notion of the divine any longer. The conversation was produced by Buzzfeed’s Keyera Williams.

There aren’t any major conversions and no minds are changed, but it’s still interesting to watch the sort of talks most of us tend to skirt. Things remain civil throughout, even as the conversation delves into deep waters like moral codes and the death of loved ones. By the end, the general sense is one of mutual respect.

In addition to her ministry, Campbell works as a songwriter and recording artist. You might know her as one half of Mary Mary, who had a 2000 CCM hit with “Shackles (Praise You).”  That song was from the duo’s Thankful album, which featured a song called “Good to Me” — a collaboration with some group called Destiny’s Child.

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