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Watch: ‘Five Feet Apart’ Pretty Much Looks Like ‘Fault In Our Stars 2’

Remember Fault In Our Stars? Of course you do. It’s the tween Notebook of our time, and it gave us a marvelous Shailene Woodley performance alongside an emerging, pre-Baby Driver Ansel Elgort. Well, prepare your brain to follow those same tear-inducing neural pathways, because Five Feet Apart is heading right down the same lane.

Instead of two teenage cancer patients, Five Feet Apart tells the story of two young people with cystic fibrosis. The disease prevents them from being physically close to one another (it’s too risky they would become sick from the unique bacteria common in CF patients), but nevertheless, they fall in love. It’s gonna be sad.

Instead of Woodley and Elgort, Five Feet Apart stars Cole Sprouse (yeah, he was on Suite Life, but his career has surged since taking on the role of Jughead Jones in Riverdale) and Haley Lu Richardson. Richardson’s great, too. If you saw Edge of Seventeen a couple years ago, she played Hailee Steinfeld’s bestie, and did so with a lot of poise.

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Will Five Feet Apart strike the same note of tragic attraction that Fault In Our Stars did? We’ll find out March 22, when the movie hits theaters.

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