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Watch Han and Lando Meet for the First Time in This New ‘Solo’ Clip

You ever walk into a room and be like, oh dang, I’m not the coolest person here? It’s rare for us, but sometimes it happens. Watching this Solo: A Star Wars Story clip, in which Han meets Lando for the first time, felt a lot like that.

Han walks in, but dang man, it’s all about Lando right away. He’s betting big and smiling a little smile and his mustache is curling up in just the jauntiest little way possible. Donald Glover is incredible. Look at his soulful eyes. Wow, we’re gushing. In that room, there’s clearly cool, Donald-Glover cool, then us. It’s humbling.

Solo is in theaters May 25. In the words of our favorite Captain, you might want to … buckle up, baby.

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