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Watch John Mark McMillan Perform ‘Heart Runs’ on the Banks of a Sound in New Zealand

John Mark McMillan has posted a stirring new performance video. Along with accompaniment by his wife Sarah Kathryn McMillan, he sings a stripped down version of his song “Heart Runs.”

As he explained in the YouTube description, it was actually recorded years ago.


Fed by waterfalls and surrounded by towering green cliffs, Milford Sound might be the single most beautiful place I’ve ever been Plus when the tide goes out, you can walk right out into the middle of it!   This was basically the perfect location to sing ‘Heart Runs’… except the song was so new at the time that I kept messing it up! I forgot the words and at the end of a long day I was losing my voice.

Then we began to notice the tide was returning and we hadn’t landed a take yet! So if I look intense, it’s only because I thought I was watching our perfect situation disappear before my eyes while I ruined every opportunity!   This might be why we never released this video. Though after seeing it again years later, I think we did get a decent take, even if I look a like I’m about to throw my guitar in the water!

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