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Watch Lisa Gungor Explain How Doubt Helped Her Rediscover Faith

Musician and author of the new book, The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen, Lisa Gungor recently sat down with BuzzFeed to discuss her faith journey.

She and her husband, Michael, front the band Gungor, whose roots are in worship music.

In recent years, she and Michael’s faith has evolved as they grappled with doubts about the beliefs that they grew up with. At one point, Michael even temporarily embraced atheism as Lisa struggled with her own beliefs and disbeliefs.

Since then, their faith has changed, and she says it now transcends labels.

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As Lisa explained to RELEVANT: “I’m trying to live in the way of love and the way of Jesus the best I know how. I know I don’t have it all right, but I love the way of Jesus. I don’t have a definition for that … I’m so grateful for the tragedy of losing faith because I think it was a necessary path. It was a path we had to be on.”

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