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Watch Michael Scott Scare the Heck Out of Pam in a Live TV Show Prank

Jenna Fischer and Steve Carell both seem like delightful people and are excellent actors. But, deep down, to their fans, they will always be Michael and Pam from The Office.

Recently, Fischer was a guest on the show Busy Tonight, and during one segment, she “unboxed” surprise presents from her former Office cast-mates. She received snacks from Mindy Kaling, a novelty shirt from Angela Kinsey and a mini-banjo from Ed Helms. But the box from Steve Carell was by far the largest of the bunch.

Carell did exactly what Michael Scott would do. He taped himself into a large cardboard box, waited for the duration of the segment and jumped out to surprise his buddy.

They truly are friends forever.

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