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Watch Nik Wallenda Perform Another Highwire Stunt Over Washington DC

Wednesday morning, Nik Wallenda took a four-minute walk. He walked on a wire 75 feet above the ground over the National Harbor in Maryland, using only a balance bar. It was pretty casual.

Wallenda is preparing for a stunt that will open the Big Apple Circus on March 8. In other words, this was a warm-up. Makes sense: Wallenda holds 10 different world records for his act. In 2015, he walked the longest tightrope ever at the Wisconsin State Fair, and in 2012, he walked across Niagara Falls.

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Over the National Harbor this morning, Wallenda stumbled toward the end of his trek, but took a knee to stabilize himself before saying, reportedly, “Just kidding.” Yeesh, Nik. Don’t get cocky.

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