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Watch: Peter Jackson’s Next Movie Is a CGI-Laden Epic About Moving Cities

For those who thought the adaptations of The Hobbit were a disappointing departure from the practical effects of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, we have some bad news for you: Peter Jackson’s new screenplay is leading to a movie loaded with CGI. It’s called Mortal Engines, and it’s about giant cities on wheels.

Mortal Engines is adapted from a 2001 book series by Philip Reeve. It’s about a post-apocalyptic civilization in which cities are built on wheels to roam Earth. The huge cities (London is featured in the trailer) swallow up tinier “traction towns” Mad Max-style.

So in other words, this movie is 10 percent Mad Max, 30 percent Divergent and 60 percent computer graphics. Color us unsure on this one.

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