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Selena Gomez Dressed Like Queen Esther Because She’s ‘Such an Empowering Female Figure in the Bible’

When the Costume Institute announced that this year’s Met Gala’s theme would celebrate Catholicism and its influence on fashion, it was only natural that Selena Gomez would pay a tribute to her spirituality with her outfit choice.

Gomez, who has always been forthright about her faith, spoke with Vogue reporter Liza Koshy on the red carpet before the event. She shared that her Coach opera-length slip gown made of vintage silk gauze was inspired by none other than Queen Esther, “since she is such an empowering female figure in the Bible.”

Before stepping off the red carpet, Koshy asked if Gomez had anything to confess, to which she responded: “I’m pretty sure my relationship is in check with Jesus. But I’m grateful. That’s all I could say. I hope people know that what we’re doing tonight is much bigger than what we wear. I pray that this entire generation will come to a point where we have our voices heard.”

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