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Watch ‘The Last Jedi’ Star Kelly Marie Tran Melt As She Overhears Star Wars Fans Praising Her Performance


Kelly Marie Tran has spent most of her brief career doing comedy and improv for places like Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City. But her career got one of the biggest possible boosts a career can get when she was cast in The Last Jedi, meaning she now is in the position of being extraordinarily famous and simultaneously relatively anonymous. That’s why she was able to eavesdrop on a group of fans geeking out about The Last Jedi, and her response when they started praising her performance is just too much.


On Instagram, Tran explained that she went over and introduced herself to the group who was talking about her (can you imagine?) and snapped a few pics with them.

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So remember to be polite when you’re talking about movies out and about. You never know when the star might be listening in

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