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We Ask You: Is Chance the Rapper’s Super Bowl Ad With the Backstreet Boys Terrible or Amazing?

Ads for the Super Bowl are so expensive this year that some touchstones of the broadcast, like new movie trailers, are opting out on the deal. However, that’s making room for all kinds of brands to make big moves on their Sunday marketing strategy, especially in regards to celebrity endorsements.

Doritos is advertising a new product with the help of Chance the Rapper—a fine spokesman on his own, especially for a fun, crowd-pleasing product like Doritos—but that’s not all. Chance’s chip-centric rap is being accompanied by backing vocals from the Backstreet Boys singing “I Want It That Way.”

This is insane.

We have no idea how to feel about this. After watching it, the RELEVANT staff was divided. Some of us thought it was fun. Some of us weren’t so sure. One person said, and we quote: “Chance is canceled.”

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On the one hand, keep gettin’ them checks, Chance and the Backstreet Boys. Who are we to stand in the way of a pay stub? On the other hand, yeesh, what a strange combination and performance.

What do you think? Cringey sell-out or rad crossover?

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