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We’re Buggin: A ‘Clueless’ Remake Is Coming

Go into your closet right now and dig up your best yellow plaid skirt: Clueless, the 1995 classic starring Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd in a rom-com that’s totally not weird today (it’s weird today), is being remade. The team behind pre-production looks exciting.

According to Variety, the producer of the new Clueless will be Tracy Oliver. That’s good—Oliver wrote last year’s Girls Trip—and she’ll be joined by Marquita Robinson, story editor and writer for Netflix’s GLOW, one of our favorite shows of the year. There’s talent coming aboard. This is promising.

Clueless became more of a classic the more it distanced itself from its 1995 release. The fashion, dialogue and attitudes are dated in just the best way, and immortal quotes like “As if!” and “buggin” now strike the perfect note of irony.

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So our chips are going toward the bet that says this new Clueless will do pretty well. The original was a modest success back in the 90s, making $56 million in the U.S. off a $12 million budget. Since the movie’s only become more popular, look for this one to be greeted with a lot of fanfare.

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