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What Can Your 3-D Printer Actually Do?

Recent months 3-D printers have broken into the mainstream, providing wizard-like services to anyone who wants them. But temper your expectations—3-D printing is still in its humblest beginnings. Before you invest a couple thousand dollars on one, here’s a realistic look at what the early models can realistically create.

Nintendo Game Cartridges
They’ll be purely decorative, but the real ones only worked about half the time anyway.

Kitchen Utensils
Chopsticks with fork tines on the end? A spoon that catapults food to your mouth? Dream big.
Lego Pieces
The possibilities here more than justify whatever price you end up paying for your 3-D printer.

Missing an earring? Print a plastic one. Missing a neclace clasp? Print one. Can’t get your boyfriend to propose? Print a ring.

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Board Game Pieces
You’ll never have to substitute Skittles for missing iron or shoe figures again.

Is there anything more useless than a foosball table with no foosball? Buy a 3-D printer and give every foosball table a shot at purpose.

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