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When Seth Rogen and Adam Scott Auditioned for ‘The Office’

What would The Office have been like if Seth Rogen had played Dwight? What about Eric Stonestreet (Cameron from Modern Family) as Kevin? John Cho or Adam Scott as Jim? Ten years ago, when NBC was preparing to create an Americanized version of the hit British series, they auditioned a who’s-who of (then relatively unknown) young comedic actors. A few months back, Rainn Wilson posted this sign-in sheet from the initial auditions that led to some interesting speculation as to what the show could have looked like. Now you can find out. NBC has announced that when season nine releases on Blu-Ray, viewers can see the actual failed auditions. EW.com has even posted a short clip from the footage. After watching, it’s clear that even though Eric Stonestreet and Adam Scott are great, the producers made the right casting decisions …

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