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Who Are the Most Overpaid Actors?

The L.A. Times has put together a list of how much TV actors make per viewer as a means of determining who is over- or underpaid. According to their math, Chelsea Handler is TV’s most overpaid actress, making $17.60 per viewer of her Chelsea Lately talk show on E!, while the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Lopez are working for beans, considering the relative popularity of their shows. This hard-hitting journalism prompted the people at the Times, as well as the folks over at MSNBC’s television blog, The Clicker, to ask if it was fair for, say, Anderson Cooper to be making $6 million dollars ($13.54 per viewer) while Ellen Degeneres slaves away for a mere $5 million, despite having more viewers. The question of whether or not it’s fair for TV personalities to be making millions of dollars at all oddly doesn’t come up …

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