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Who Is This Woman On the Cover of ‘InStyle’ and What Has She Done With the Real Kerry Washington?

Today, InStyle released their new issue, featuring a woman who is ostensibly Kerry Washington on the cover. At least, that’s what it says on the magazine. But evidence would suggest that whoever this woman is, she is not Kerry Washington, the star of Scandal. This woman’s skin tone is several shades lighter than Washington’s, with a nose that has never before been seen on Washington’s face. Of course, Photoshopping women on magazine covers is nothing new, but this is less a retouch than an overhaul, and Twitter is not having it. InStyle responded with a half-apology, blaming her lightened tone on some weird “lighting.” Washington herself seemed thankful for the outrage, tweeting “Beautiful statement. Thank u 4 opening this convo. Its an important 1 that needs to be had” …

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