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The Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith Drum Showdown Happens this Evening on ‘The Tonight Show’

As you may have noticed, actor Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith look a lot alike. So much so, the two dashing celebrities have been feuding for years over who is, in fact, more handsome. This evening, their rivalry comes to a head via a live drum battle on The Tonight Show. Fans that made a charitable donation to the organizations Cancer for College and Little Kids Rock to make the showdown happen—raising $300,000—even received a bottle of Will Ferrell-branded sun tan oil as a thank you. At a press conference, Smith told reporters, “Ever since the Super Bowl, this delusional imposter claiming to be me has forced me to defend my identity. What’s up with that? I don’t understand why he, all of a sudden, decided he wants to be me. It’s not enough to be one of the biggest movie stars in the world? It is going to be complete public humiliation on the part of Will Ferrell.” Let the games begin …

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