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Woman Sent to Jail Over Unreturned J-Lo Movie—Nearly a Decade After Renting It

Here’s a story that may make you want to scour your home in search of any unreturned VHS rentals. A woman in South Carolina was jailed when she went to the police to report a crime, and they saw that she had an outstanding warrant stemming from an unreturned copy of the film Monster in Law, which she at rented nine years ago. Though it’s unclear if the punishment was for not returning the film or simply renting a J-Lo movie in the first place. Even though the video store is now closed, police say she never responded to a petty larceny warrant when it was issued after failing to return the movie in 2005. After spending the night in jail, she was released on a $2,000 bond and was forced to once again watch Monster in Law to fully understand the gravity of her crime …

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