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A Writer in 1964 Pretty Much Predicted What Life in 2014 Would Look Like

In 1964, sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov wrote out a series of predictions of what life would look like in the year 2014, and for the most part, he nailed it. Though his “Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014” piece for The New York Times, had a few misses (the east coast merging into one mega-city, flying cars, the existence of a World’s Fair), many of his other predictions were right on. Amsimov believe that in the 2014 world, wireless technology, an unmanned mission to Mars, massive 3D TVs, kitchen devices that specialize in automatically “heating water and converting it to coffee”, escalators, frozen dinners and video phone calls would all become a reality. Sadly, he also predicted that we would become so used to technologically-enhanced entertainment and convenience that “mankind will suffer badly from the disease of boredom” …

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