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Yes, Nike Will Have ‘Back to the Future’ Shoes This Year.

It’s 2015 and you know what that means: Back to the Future 2 is finally upon us. We’ve got a little ways to go in terms of some of the movie’s predictions (where we’re going, we still need roads) and we’re being lied to about others. But one prediction that will come true is the shoes we’ll be offered, if Nike has anything to say about it. Speaking at a trade show in Long Beach, California, Nike’s innovation chief Tinker Hatfield confirmed that, yes, the Nike Air MAG is in the works and will be released sometime this year.

So, when exactly will they release? How much will they cost? Will the laces actually tie themselves? Nike’s not saying (but they did file a patent for something called “Power Lace Technology” back in 2011. Great Scott.) so we’ll just have to wait and see, or steal the book of betting results from the future so we can make our own fortune. Lots of options in this crazy world …

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