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Yet Another New Jesus Movie Is On the Way, If You Can Believe It

At this point, it’s easy to lose track of just how many Jesus properties are in the works, so let’s have a brief recap: Kevin Reynolds’ movie about Jesus’ post-resurrection days, Paul Verhoeven’s humanist Jesus, the upcoming Ben Hur remake, Fox’s new Nazareth series and the recent Son of God film. (Check out our full breakdown of this trend, and what it all means, in our most recent issue). And now, add Anne Rice to the mix. Rice, of course, got famous for her vampire novels, but has had a very vocal, stormy relationship with her Christian faith—out of which Christ the Lord, her novel about Jesus’ boyhood years in Egypt, came. That book is being turned into a movie, with The Stoning Of Soraya M.‘s Cyrus Nowrasteh at the helm. That brings the total number of Jesus projects in the works to six, for those keeping track at home …

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