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Yo Millennials: Chevrolet Has Sent Out a Press Release Composed Entirely of Emojis. On Fleek!

Hey millennials! Chevy knows that all you twenty- and thirty-somethings love to read funny stuff all day on your electronic gizmos, that’s why they’ve sent out a press release that speaks your language! Because (as they explain in this introduction) “words alone can’t describe the new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze,” the folks in the marketing department at Chevrolet have decided to issue a release written in emojis. On fleek!

Don’t worry, if one of your parents accidentally receives the press release and has no idea what an emoji is (obvi, they totes won’t), Chevy helpfully explains that emojis are “ the small, emotionally expressive digital images and icons in electronic communication.” Not that you’ll need it, but this afternoon, Chevrolet will release a decoded version of the message for all the basic lame-o’s out there that still don’t communicate solely with emojis …

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