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You Will Not Believe This New Meme Inspired by Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’

Summer turns to autumn, fall to winter, and all that was old will one day be new again. Case in point, Owl City’s insidious 2009 earworm “Fireflies” which has now been around long enough to be experiencing a bit of a comeback. Just look:

Everyone’s really getting into it. It’s getting a lot of love on Twitter and how can you blame anyone? The song is catchy.


But the place where the song has experienced the most profound rebirth is over on Tumblr, where it’s spawned a meme and you would not believe your eyes if you saw it.

That’s basically it. You just take the most absurd line in “Fireflies”—which is in the running for the most absurd line in all pop music—and give a little twist. Simple enough premise, but magic when it’s done right.

The whole thing was first highlighted by Buzzfeed, but it’s starting to take off outside of Tumblr too.

So “Fireflies” is back again, in a big way. And you know what? Not a moment too soon:

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